Instead of asking you, "where's your bachelor's degree from?", or if you're still going after your Master's, first they want to get to know you and your family. They're glad you're here, wherever you came from. They'll invite you over for dinner Sunday. Oh, sure you can bring the family dog along, too.

It's now been few years since we lived in Darrington. Yet, it's still the place our heart calls home. It's the families there - the beautiful children, the grandparents, the beloved teachers, the Post Office employees, the Pharmacy employees that always knew our names, and everyone always so glad to see us. We grew, and learned to look at what we had, versus what we wanted to someday achieve, for our happiness.

It seemed there was always enough heaven in Darrington to pass around. It was truly all around us. We were blessed to be able to make those memories. There's another way to live in that beautiful valley. They welcome whomever's at the dinner table, as they pass the corn bread, real butter, home grown honey, and share favorite stories again.

We remember fondly how it felt to be a part of Darrington's extended family. That feeling of, "I'm so happy right now," sticks with you. We still think our high mileage car is just fine. We're not too far from Whitehorse Mountain these days. When we see Whitehorse Mt. shining along the crest of the eastern horizon, we think about all the people we loved there, and we know Darrington awaits our return.

We may live down below for now, but we'll always add a heaping spoonful of sour cream when we make cornbread, and tell our Darrington stories with fondness.

By the way, what are you doing for Sunday dinner?

Phil and Stacey Mayer Family