Darrington. Just the name makes my heart warm. We love the town of Darrington, and the friends we found there. The ten years we spent in Darrington are treasured memories by our family of four school age daughters. Some really wonderful folks live beside the Sauk and the Stilly rivers. They're such friendly people; they wave as you drive by, and love to chat whenever they see you.

Darrington is accessible from the west via State Route 530, and again by State Route 530 from the north; the few northern miles connecting the town to Concrete opened after 1978. This partially explains why the community still has a unique and distinctive "Tar Heel" culture solidly grafted into the area.

From incredible scenery, to unique culture, there are many parts that contribute to Darrington's unique community. One of the best parts of Darrington are the grandparents. They may even be the "golden" ingredient of Darrington. What a richness of belonging is given to children by their grandparents. My own grandparents were gone by the time I was 20, so I wasn't blessed with the time to spend with mine. Now, I understand a little more of what I missed.